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Making A Booking

Once you have confirmed you would like to make a Self-catering booking with us then (if that cottage is available) we will send a booking acknowledgement email (or letter if you don’t have email) to create your booking and confirm total cost and details.

We ask for a 25% deposit which we need to receive within 7 days of our booking acknowledgement email/message being sent to you to reserve your booking. This can be paid by cheque or by direct transfer to our bank account. Payment details will be on your booking acknowledgement email/message. Once we have received your 25% deposit we will confirm receipt of monies and your booking. If we do not receive your deposit within this timeframe we will assume you do not want the booking. We will endeavour to contact you to double check but if we do not manage to make contact your booking will be cancelled. Please make sure that dates and details on your booking acknowledgement email/message are correct.

The balance of payment for your stay is to be paid 2 weeks before your arrival. If we do not receive this payment we will assume this constitutes a cancellation and our cancellation terms will be applied – see below for details. Again, we will endeavour to contact you to double check but if we do not manage to make contact your booking will be cancelled.

Cancellations/No Show

We recognise that unforeseen things happen and if you have to cancel or you do not show up for your booking then the following applies.

If your cancellation is more than a month before your stay is due to start we will refund your deposit and any other payment you have made in full. If your cancellation is less than a month of your arrival we will retain your deposit but refund any other payment you have made. If your cancellation is within the last two weeks before your stay we will ask for/retain full payment. If you do not show up for your booking and you have not alerted us to your desire to cancel your booking then no refund will be available.

If we have to cancel your booking for any reason all monies will be refunded to you including your deposit. In these circumstances we will not be liable for other costs related to unavailability. However, we will endeavour to suggest other local places to stay that might suit your requirements.

Leaving During Your Stay

If you need to leave unexpectedly during your stay due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately a refund will not be possible. Therefore, we recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances that may leave you out of pocket.

Generally our cottages are available from 4.00pm on the day of your booked arrival and check out is by 10.00am on your last day. In some cases where we have perhaps not had guests in before you or are not expecting guests straight after you, we may be able to be flexible but this is at our discretion. If you wish to arrive earlier than 4.00pm on the day of your arrival then you are welcome to leave your car here in our courtyard and go off exploring until 4.00pm. Please advise us in all cases of your expected arrival time so can stagger arrivals.

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Local Information


We are sorry, but unfortunately, due to the age and configuration of our cottages, the staircase design and the fact they have upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms and steps in the gardens our cottages cannot provide wheelchair friendly accommodation.