Pottery Studio Expansion – We’ve Done It!

At Hot Pot Pottery & The House of Bread we are excited to announce that we have now moved all our pottery wheels & pottery making equipment into our larger gallery & pottery painting space to create a fabulous new multi activity studio area.

New Cosy Pottery Studio

This leaves our old (smaller) studio as a dedicated drying, decorating, glazing, firing, packing for collection & delivery, storage & clay recycling space.

The Benefits Of This Are:

– a fabulous larger space for pottery trial classes
– a combined space for pottery painting & pottery making meaning we can offer both activities in one place
– a dedicated studio for glazing & firing meaning less disruption to pottery classes during firing weeks
– a better pottery packing, storage & collection space
– cosy sofas & a woodburner area for relaxing and more space for those wanting to observe classes/painting or parents accompanying children doing classes
– a coffee machine, payment & toilet facilities in the same place as pottery activities

Creative Space

AND…it will mean we can STILL do pre-ordered Group Meals to be served before/after pottery activities (perfect for birthday, hen and corporate dos!)

Come and take a look at our improved facilities & give them a go by booking a Pottery Trial Class or Pottery Painting Session with us!

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