With regard to Coronavirus, at The House of Bread we are keen to support those acting in line with current guidance.

Therefore, in light of the current situation, if you are symptomatic or you are uncomfortable coming to stay in our cottages due to fears over Coronavirus and that is the specific reason you wish to cancel your accommodation booking with us we will either work with you to arrange an appropriate future booking with us and/or waive any cancellation fees due.

We would still ask that you give us as much notice as you possibly can when cancelling bookings.

If you become symptomatic during your stay need to leave to self-isolate we will provide a refund for the days cancelled.

Obviously, if WE are symptomatic and need to cancel your booking as a result then we will let you know as soon as we can and no charges will apply and we will work with you where possible to arrange future booking dates.

Our Actions

For our own part we have increased our hand-wash facilities in our cottages and increased our focus & regularity of cleaning of such items as door handles, taps, loo flushes etc in and around our holiday cottages.